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Family sources: KIRSZENZAFT & KATZ

Abraham Kirszenzaft, son of David and Sara Kirszenzaft, left Warwaw where he was born to go to Brussels, Belgium capital, looking for his father taht left his first family in Poland with 3 children (Batia, Abraham and Frieda).

He was kept hidding in an attic during the war and after the war married Etil Katz after a very, very short romance (they meet only 3 times). He was alone as Batia left Poland before the war to go to Israel and Frieda died in Warsaw during the war as was Etil, an Auschiwtz prisioner.

As can be seen from his 1949 driving licence he was well adapted to the Belgian lifestyle.

A samll man (after his father left them, the family had economic problems) he had a very strong determination and courage.

Kirszenzaft Family- Abraham Kirszenzaft driving licencen 1949 from Brussels in Belgium.  Documento do representante da familia Kirszenzaft (Abraham)  na Bélgica . Carteira de habilitação válida para o ano de 1949. Foto recuperada digitalmente por S. L. K. Shepherd.

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